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History of Friendly Acres
Lash's Lessons is a fun engaging program that helps parents teach their children healthy living concepts.

This unique program incorporates key socialization skills that provide the foundation for a well-rounded elementary-aged child. Lash's Lessons books, plush toys and parent guides facilitate healthy child development through the three essential communication approaches of visual learning, auditory learning and experiential learning. The program covers healthy living, character education and teaches skills in areas such as conflict resolution, communication, friendship and caring.

Created by the non-profit Shirecrest Equine Education Center, the series begins with Lash's First Adventure, a children's book about the first Gypsy Horse colt born in North America who moves to a place called Friendly Acres. It's a beautiful place, but the young colt worries. Now that he is on his own, will he make good decisions? Will he be overcome by loneliness? Or will he stand tall, make new friends and be the proud Gypsy Horse he was bred to be?

This beautifully illustrated series of educational/fictional tales compliments school curriculums and helps parents teach children to make good decisions in every aspect of their lives. Shirecrest and the Lash's Lessons program, along with the actual Gypsy Horse named Lash have been featured at many national events and in schools across America.

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