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The Lash's Lessons Program
Lash’s Lessons® is an educational program designed to teach children healthy living concepts. Lash, the first Gypsy Horse colt born in North America, is the inspiration of a series of books, toys, and educational curriculum based on a character building teaching model. He is known as America’s Ambassador of Healthy Living.

In the introductory book, “Lash’s First Adventure™,” Lash has moved to his new home at Friendly Acres™, a land where lush green fields stretch on forever and gurgling streams meander through woods filled with adventure. But Lash is worried. Now that he is on his own, will he make good decisions and follow the soft voice of his conscience in the form of Cindy Goodsense™, or will he choose to follow the irresistibly fun but naughty Horse C. Fly™? Will he be overcome by loneliness when he realizes he’s different from everyone else at Friendly Acres, or will he stand tall, make friends, and be the proud Gypsy Horse he was bred to be?

This book serves as the first in a series of educational/fictional tales geared toward helping children develop the skills to make good decisions in every aspect of their lives. Based on an Aesop’s Fables model, the moral to each character’s story provides a memorable positive message for children.

Lash’s Lessons® includes age appropriate activities developed to be implemented into classrooms. The lessons are taught through written and oral activities. They cover topics such as caring and responsibility, refusal skills, respect and fairness, diversity, trustworthiness and citizenship. Core content areas such as math, reading and writing are included in the materials. Learning activities include fun experiences based on an experiential learning model.

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