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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Parent's Porch! Come on and sit a spell! This site allows you to receive good information regarding parenting and family issues of today…with some humor thrown in. One word to the wise…don't forget to laugh at least once a day. Laughter is one of nature's best medicines.

I developed the Lash's Lessons® program because we need to continue to develop kind, caring and productive individuals in the 21st century. Even with the availability of technological tools which assists our families in so many ways, there is nothing that replaces one-on-one interaction with our children.

There are simple key components that builds strong families. These factors have not really changed over the past years…

1…The "thick and thin" approach. Members of the family need to know they will stick together through "thick and thin" life issues. Families all have trying times, but strong families manage to face those times as a team. There must be a commitment to the family unit. The old adage, one for all…all for one, is the best approach to keep the group together.

2…The "keep talking" factor. Communication is the key to success. As I have always said, "I flunked Mind Reading 101." So often, we share a living environment, but find we don't talk to one another. Strong families find ways to express individual concerns, offer each other support, listen to each other, and solve problems together.

3…Recognize contributions. A simple approach that works is the magic words, "thank you." So often we extend strangers our gratitude and forget to say "thanks" to our loved ones. Members of a strong family show appreciation to one another on a regular basis. Making the assumption that our family members just naturally know they are appreciated is a mistake. Take the time to recognize one another's contributions.

4…Spend time together. Prioritize spending time talking, being quiet, playing and even disagreeing. Go to school functions, have problem solving discussions, organize family events and make family together time an important part of daily life.

5…Deal with stress. Families who can cope with stress pull together, ask for help and grow through crisis. Not all families cope with stress in the same ways, but surviving stressful times is key in keeping a family strong.

6…Have a sense of spiritual strength. A belief in a higher power, demonstrating ethical behavior, having faith in others, being loyal and developing emotional well-being is necessary.

I hope you enjoy having a great place to visit. If you have any parenting questions, please feel free to write me at shirecrest@aol.com.

Happy trails!


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