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Kirkwood McMoowan
Kirkwood MacMoowan hails from Scotland. He is a Scottish Highland Steer. He can be a bit shaggy during the winter, as his breed is want to do, and in a funny kind of way, almost can remind us of Lash. Kirkwood, or Kirkie to his friends, possibly Uncle Kirkwood to Lash, has a gentle disposition and loves to laugh. He is proud of his Scot heritage and lineage, and has a series of names included into his own to remind him of his family tree. When he introduces himself, you see his family pride: "I'm Kirkwood-McGlothlin-McMoowan … buht yew cin cahl meh Kirkie!'

The Highland Breed is the oldest registered breed of cattle, with the first herd book being established in 1884. Around that time, American cattlemen from the western U.S. recognized the natural qualities of the Highland animal and imported them to improve the blood lines of their herds. As a result, the Highland contributed in a great way to the success of the American cattle industry. Today Highlands are found throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Australia, and South America.

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