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Horse C Fly
Horse C Fly is the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ – he is always into someone else’s business, usually Lash’s. He is always being a naughty little fellow. Very often he has a big, fake, toothie smile, especially when trying to influence Lash or anyone else to do the wrong thing. He won’t take any chances by himself, and prefers others to take the lead if it’s risky. He would rather have fun than follow the rules. Actually, he thinks following the rules is for sissies!

Horse Flies are considerably larger than deer flies, heavy bodied, with huge heads (large eyes in males)and from 3/4 inch to over an inch long. Smaller species are brown, black or gray, and often have brilliant green eyes. The eyes are sometimes crossed with reddish-gold bands that disappear when the fly dies. Larger species are brown to black and may be slightly striped. Horse flies have their antennae divided into three parts, the third being long and composed of five to eight rings. Horse flies usually have clear wings whereas deer flies have wings with dark markings.

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