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Captain Doodle Doo
Captain is the keeper of the barnyard where Lash has come to live. He is at that retirement point in his career, but still holds a position of leadership. He is the security system for the daily operations of Friendly Acres. His outward personality is that of strict guidelines, enforcing rules and regulations sprinkled with "war stories" of past years. His feathers are somewhat in a constant state of ruffled, but underneath lies a caring, loving, nurturing creature who takes his role in life very seriously.

The Mille Fleur - The Belgian Bearded d'Uccle (pronounced dew-clay), or Barbu D'Uccle French is a breed of bantam chicken originating from the town of Uccle on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium. The bird is frequently referred to as the Mille Fleur in the U.S. after the most common color variation (which is French for "thousand flowers"). The Breed came into being in the early 20th Century, and was created by a Belgian man by the name of Michael Van Gelder. Most sources maintain that it originated from crosses of the Antwerp Belgian and the Booted Bantam, and raised as a closely related but separated breed.

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