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Calypso, Lash's best friend at Friendly Acres, has led a very different life as a horse.

The Thoroughbred was a pampered racehorse until an injury ended his competitive career. In his old life, he was always the center of attention. People fed him the best oats and gave him massages after his morning workouts.

Now, Calypso's world has changed overnight and he is trying to adjust to his new life. The young horse still wants to head out of a gate and run at full speed, as he was trained to do. He still runs in circles, always veering left, as he did on the racetrack.

When he arrives at Friendly Acres, the spoiled Calypso feels like he is being forced to live with the "little people." He stands around, waiting to be served by others. But when the proud horse tries to run, he has problems, which he tries to hide from others.

Although he is a creature of habit, Calypso must find a different way to run, make friends and be happy. He must let go of his old life as a star and embrace his new family at Friendly Acres.

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